Miranda Lambert Confirms Wine For Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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Few things are as satisfying as the lunch beer, wine, cocktail etc.

Sometimes, after a rough night or when celebration is in order, you need a breakfast beer, wine, cocktail. Maybe you’re shaking the cobwebs, or just lubricating the organs for a prolonged day of inebriation – there’s no judgement here.

This isn’t drinking in a “you have a problem” kind of way either, but more of a “hey, I ate healthy all week, worked out, feel great, let’s get loaded at 11am” kind of way.

Don’t feel guilty, especially given the year, if you partake in some alcohol(s) earlier than expected.

Even Miranda is a fan of the wine for breakfast kickstart as she recently shared on TikTok.

“Wine for breakfast.”

“My first meal of the day.”

“It’s Love Letters by Red55 Winery FYI”

Red 55 is Miranda’s wine line if you’re not aware.

Grab a drink, and let’s be perpetually drunk for the remainder of 2020. No matter the time. Miranda approves.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock