Steve Earle Honors Late Son Justin Townes Earle With Cover Of “Harlem River Blues,” Announces Tribute Album

Sara Sharpe

Steve Earle is honoring the memory of his late son Justin Townes Earle with a new cover album of songs that Justin wrote throughout his career. JT passed away back in August of this year, at just 38 years old, leaving behind his wife Jenn Marie, and his three year old daughter Etta. A percentage of the proceeds from the project will go towards a trust fund for Etta.

“The record is called J.T. because Justin was never called anything else until he was nearly grown. Well, when he was little, I called him Cowboy. For better or worse, right or wrong, I loved Justin Townes Earle more than anything else on this earth. That being said, I made this record, like every other record I’ve ever made… for me. It was the only way I knew to say goodbye.”

And today, Steve announces the project with the release of “Harlem River Blues.”

Arguably his most well-known song, “Harlem River Blues” earned Justin a “Song of the Year” win at the 2011 Americana Music Awards, shortly after he took home the award for “Emerging Artist of the Year” in 2009.

In addition to 10 covers, JT will also features a one new song, “Last Words” that was written by Steve to pay tribute to his son. The album will be released on what would have been Justin’s 39th birthday, January 4, 2021.

Steve Earle – J.T. Track Listing:

1.   I Don’t Care
2.   Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving
3.   Maria
4.   Far Away In Another Town
5.   They Killed John Henry
6.   Turn Out My Lights
7.   Lone Pine Hill
8.   Champagne Corolla
9.   The Saint Of Lost Causes
10. Harlem River Blues
11. Last Words

Here’s the original from Justin.

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