Fierce Wyoming Wind Blows Over Semi Truck Like It’s Made Of Paper

Maybe you weren’t aware of this, but Wyoming is one of the windiest states in America.

Look at any ranking or list, and you’ll always see Wyoming near the top when it comes to wind speed, and with that comes some dangers like having your car or truck flip over.

It’s actually fairly common, and naturally pretty damn terrifying.

“Once they wind gust get up to 50 miles per hour that’s when we start looking at the blow over risk, and then once they get to 60 miles per hour gusts that’s when it’s and extreme blow over risk,” Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Jordan Achs said.

Case in point – this new footage from Cheyenne.

A driver behind a semi caught it all, saying:

“My family and I were traveling down to Colorado when I noticed this driver’s trailer blowing all over the road. He continued to drive fast and change lanes passing other trucks. Being an experienced Wyoming truck driver myself I knew what his unfortunate fate would be.”

The wind blows this semi truck over like it’s made of paper.

Stay safe, y’all.

From all accounts, it doesn’t appear that there were any serious injuries.

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