Chris Stapleton Breaks Up With Music City In New Song “Nashville, TN”

Becky Fluke

Chris and Morgane Stapleton are saying farewell to Music City.

As any self-respecting country fans would already know by now, Chris Stapleton’s new album Starting Over is a masterpiece. This album puts a pin in every emotion, and “Nashville, TN” is no exception. This song is an honest reflection about the struggle of a musician finding success in Music City, but ultimately, coming to the realization that they have to leave it behind.

Nashville is a city that dreamers flock to, and at one point, one of those dreamers was Stapleton himself. He doesn’t forget the reason he moved to Nashville, and he appreciates everything that it has given to him and his career.

“I met you when I had a dream
Not so long ago, it seems
We closed down a million bars
Yeah, you and me, we’ve come so far
You showed me how to write a song.”

But now, that relationship seems to have run its course.

Although he clearly has a deep appreciation for Nashville, he expresses the way that the city has changed since he arrived, the notoriety he has since received, and the heartache that it has brought to him. And he isn’t wrong, Nashville has changed and evolved so much that he doesn’t even recognize it anymore.

“Now you won’t miss me when I’m gone
You’re custom made for movin’ on
And time to time I’ll pass you by
Face that I don’t recognize.”

Stapleton makes it clear that he has handed his heart over to Nashville and now at this point, hasn’t gotten the same amount of satisfaction in return. But the real question remains: Is Chris Stapleton really saying goodbye to Nashville? Is this the end of an era for Chris and Morgane? Or, like many of us, is he just fed up with the current state of mainstream country music?

Only time will tell.

“So long, Nashville, Tennessee
You can’t have what’s left of me
And as far as I can tell
It’s high time, I wish you well
You build me up, you set me free
You tore down my memories
So you be you and I’ll be me
So long, Nashville, Tennessee”

“Nashville TN”

And if you want to keep the heartache going, check out, “Maggie’s Song,” the heartbreaking story of Chris’ dog Maggie that passed away.

“Maggie’s Song”

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