Travis Kelce, DK Metcalf, Gronk, & More Secretly Drop Weird Phrases Into Interviews

Athletes aren’t necessarily known for being the smoothest talkers… or the most interesting.

I mean, have you ever seen hockey players do an interview? Every other word is cliché buzzwords like “pucks on net, “pucks in deep,” “play our game,” and of course, every single sentence starts with a “yeah, you know.”

The NFL is at least a little more entertaining, but thanks to Jimmy Fallon, it got even funnier.

Starring Travis Kelce, DK Metcalf, Gronk, Dalvin Cook, Allen Robinson and more, Jimmy asked them to work bizarre phrases into the postgame press conferences, and they NAILED IT.

“Touchdown passes are like Pokémon, you gotta catch ’em all.”

Asking Gronk to elaborate on “must be maple syrup because butter don’t drizzle like that” just about killed me.

And speaking of the NHL, they even admit it…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock