Cody Johnson and Reba Sit Down For A Personal Conversation About Their Rodeo Days

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CoJo and Reba have built themselves quite a partnership lately.

And for them, it’s more than just music that brings them together… it’s also their love for the rodeo.

Of course, CoJo was a bullrider before he turned in his spurs for a guitar, and Reba grew up competing in the rodeo as well, before her career in music. Her father and her grandfather were both World Champion steer ropers, and her first marriage was to champion steer wrestler Charlie Battles.

Reba recently joined Cody for a powerful new duet version of “Dear Rodeo,” and Cody recently returned the favor. Tipping the cap to Country Music Hall of Famer, Cody delivered a flawless performance of Reba’s 1986 hit, “Whoever’s In New England.”

And now, to accompany their new duet together, Cody and Reba sat down at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee,  for an intimate conversation about all things rodeo.

Part I

Part II

“Dear Rodeo” featuring Reba McEntire

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