VIDEO: Steve Harvey’s Most “Country” Moments From ‘Family Feud’

Steve Harvey = country guy.

See, you learn something every day. Born in Welch, West Virginia, Harvey has plenty of “country” moments on Family Feud. Recently, the show put together this great compilation video to show all of those moments, along with the most country guests over the years.

One of the top YouTube comments said, “As someone from Texas, I felt this on a spiritual level.” I think many of you will agree.

The video is loaded with gems, such as the guy who says “I am from ‘LA’…..Lower Alabama.”

This will be the best 11 minutes you spend today.

He also had this viral clip from back in the day.

Harvey gets asked “why do white people love country music so much?”

Here was his response (yes, he’s a big fan of country music).

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock