In Case You Missed It: Koe Wetzel Bought A Rodeo Bull

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The man who can’t be tamed bought a bull that can’t be either.

Koe Wetzel has made lots of noise this year, signing a deal with Columbia Records, releasing three new tunes, breaking every single Texas girl’s heart, and in a couple weeks, he will be releasing his new album, Sellout on November 20th.

And while I love every one of those things, one of my favorites might have slipped through the cracks.

Back in March, Koe let the world know he partnered with Blake Sharp and High Voltage Cattle on “Dirty Sancho,” a PBR rodeo bull named after the last song on his 2019 album, Harold Saul High.

The announcer was noticeably excited.

“If Blake Sharp is really partnered with Koe Wetzel on this bull, I just became an even bigger Koe Wetzel fan.”

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Fuck it.

A post shared by Koe Wetzel (@koe_wetzel) on Mar 11, 2020 at 2:36pm PDT

Why buy a bull? I counter with, if you could, why wouldn’t you?

Rodeos are a great time and being part of one without getting strapped to a 2000-pound horned animal is probably the way to go.

According the PBR website, Dirty Sancho competed in 7 events and is ranked 179 in the world. Not the best, but he has his share of buckoffs and been ridden by some of the best in the world, including Alex Cerqueira (Ranked 15th in the world), Brennon Eldred (17th), and Keyshawn Whitehorse (26th), bucking off both Alex and Keyshawn.

The man makes you love him more and more.

Keep being you Koe.

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