ESPN Opens The Masters With John Prine’s “I Remember Everything” & The CMAs Didn’t Do Sh*t

Tiger Woods with his mouth open
Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

The Masters kicked off today from the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

One of, if not THE, most prominent golf tournaments in the world, everybody will be vying for that iconic green jacket, but while we’re all about to kick back and dig into a little golf this weekend, I still got a bone to pick with the CMAs.

ESPN started their Masters coverage today with a stunning introduction featuring John Prine’s “I Remember Everything.” And yet, last night during a tribute heavy country music awards show, featuring many artists that would call John a major inspiration, they didn’t even mention his name.

ESPN and The Masters, a friggin’ golf tournament, can tip the cap to John, but the Country Music Association Awards can’t. It’s embarrassing…

Golf fans get it. The Country Music Association doesn’t…

As Sturgill Simpson put it…

“Two words… that’s all it would’ve took.”

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