Chris Stapleton Releases Scathing Response To Las Vegas Shooter – “Watch You Burn”

A little more than three years ago to the day, a man whose name I won’t even dignify by mentioning, rained thousands of bullets down onto a country music crowd, killing 60 and wounding countless others. Some of us, our families, and our friends were in that crowd that night.

Ultimately, the coward turned his gun on himself before police could arrest him, but by that time, Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, became the site of the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. All at the hands of one sick man.

And today, Chris Stapleton has a message for him:

“You’re gonna get your turn, Devil gonna watch you burn.”

Written by Chris Stapleton and Tom Petty guitar player Mike Campbell, “Watch You Burn” also features support from the All Voices Choir. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Chris called it a “plea” to rid our society of evil.

“It’s a powerful number to me… it conveys a sentiment of ‘let’s cut the evil shit out.’ It’s a plea in some ways.. it’s therapeutic.”

Powerful is one way to put it.

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