Two Moose Go Head-To-Head In Quiet Suburban Neighborhood

I always like to start my week with a little nature. You know, something calm and relaxing to get my mind right before I dive into my weekly grind. Something like… two moose trying to rip each other’s heads off in some guy’s driveway.

This old favorite comes to us from a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska, back in 2015, when the quiet little neighborhood got a front row seat to these two moose battling it out during the rut. They’re amped up, their hormones are raging, they’re looking for ladies, and they’re willing to fight anybody that gets in the way.

It nature’s equivalent of watching two frat guys fight in a Taco Bell at two in the morning after striking out with every female in town. Except, it’s way cooler and doesn’t end with one of them yelling, “my dad’s a lawyer.”

And if you’ve never seen this voiced over version, you’re in for a lesson on internet gold. It might be one of the best videos on the entire internet.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock