Morgan Wallen Makes Acting Debut In New “7 Summers” Music Video, Secretly Leaks Album Release Date

Morgan Wallen made headlines yesterday after he questioned why political rallies and college football games can have such large crowds and concerts can’t. Saying the “hypocrisy is unreal,” Morgan found a ton of support for his position on the issue, but also took a lot of heat as well.

But today, he’s back in the news for another reason… the release of his “7 Summers” music video.

Clocking in at over 8 minutes long, Morgan makes his acting debut for a video that watches more like a short film than your run of the mill music video. Focusing on Morgan Wallen’s high school baseball career, the video tells the story of a young ballplayer wrestling with his future, and struggling to balance the expectations of his father and his girlfriend, with his own.

And according to Morgan, he leaked the release date of his upcoming album in the video.

So here’s what we’re thinking:

The very first scene shows a few ball players standing for the anthem and the numbers on their jerseys read 1, 8, and 21… Friday, January 8th, 2021.

You heard it here first people… mark your calendars.

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