8-Year-Old Gives Heartwarming Walkthrough Of His Mini Custom-Built Semi Truck

Raising the little fella right.

If you’re in need of some wholesome content, this should do the trick.

Everyone has seen those little electric cars kids ride around in the driveway, crashing into mailboxes and parked cars – this isn’t one of those. This is much cooler than anything any of us had growing up, that’s for damn sure.

This mini semi is a BEAST.

Taken in Willard, Missouri, a dad filmed his 8-year-old son give a detailed walkthrough of his custom-built mini Peterbilt, and it’s about as heartwarming as you’d imagine.

From pops:

“8 year old Rooster Davis loves trucks and he shows it with his pride in the WeePete. We built it to replicate our 1994 379 Peterbilt, after we did a pull behind wagon a couple of years ago that we took to truck shows. The wagon was a huge hit and my legs were dead after billing the kids around, so it was time to build something with a motor and that’s when the idea of the WeePete was born.”

“It took me over the course of 8 months to build it, but it was totally worth it. Rooster is a very polite and loving kid. He like to dress nice and will help anyone. His passion for trucks is out of this world.”

Nice work, kid.

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