Watch Tyler Childers Make Bluebird Café Debut With “If Whiskey Could Talk,” Over A Decade Ago

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You never forget your first time.

Back in 2010, Tyler traveled down to Nashville from his home state of Kentucky to play at the world-famous Bluebird Café. Whether you’ve been there yourself, recognize it from the television series Nashville, or even if you only think of it as the place where Taylor Swift got her big break, most country fans know that the Bluebird is a big deal.

And a decade ago, a young, clean cut Tyler took the Bluebird stage to perform “If Whiskey Could Talk,” which later appeared on his 2011 album Bottles and Bibles.

“If a whiskey could talk, it’d say I’m a great guy
Or at least it ought to, for as much as I buy
But it’s a money well spent, just to help me feel free
From the pain she creates when she’s cheating on me.”

Not only was this Tyler’s first time playing at the Bluebird Café, this was also his very first time playing in Nashville.

Nowadays, Tyler Childers is one of the most impressive country artists in the business. Thanks to his honest depiction of life in Appalachia and the unapologetic vulnerability of his songwriting, Tyler’s music has connected with millions of people across the world. And he isn’t waiting in line for a Monday night open mic at the Bluebird anymore. In fact, earlier this year, he held four consecutive sold out shows at the Ryman Auditorium.

And the rest is history.

If Whiskey Could Talk

First Time Playing in Nashville. Blue Bird Cafe

Posted by Tyler Childers on Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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