New Jersey Reporter Tells Troll To “Buzz Off” On Air, Internet Insists He Said “F*ck Off”

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The result of the election may have been called, but it doesn’t look like the contentiousness is going away any time soon.

New Jersey political reporter Alex Zdan was live on air with News 12 earlier today when a troll walked into the shot and asked the classic dad question:

“Is this real news or fake news?”

A pretty harmless dad joke, but at the end of the day, this reporter is trying to do a job here and he’s intentionally getting in the way. So what did the reporter do? He turned around and told him to “buzz off.”

But that’s not what the internet heard…

Zdan corrected the story shortly thereafter, insisting that he said “BUZZ” and not everybody’s favorite four-letter word.

But it was too late… the internet fire has been sparked.

To me, it seems like the “fuck” on the screen messes with your mind. Close your eyes and think “buzz,” and you’ll hear “buzz.” But if you want to hear the alternative, it’s pretty easy to hear that one too.

Either way, it’s kind of funny how the guy that interrupted him asked if this was “fake news” and now nobody can even agree on what the guy said. Some media outlets even published the story with “f*ck” in the headline, and then quickly edited the story once Alex clarified.

Never a dull moment on the interwebs…

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