Miranda Lambert Joins Waylon Payne For Surprise Dive Bar Duet Of “Christian”

Anything is possible when you walk into a bar in Nashville. Sometimes, even a star like Miranda Lambert can show up.

Back in 2015 (you know, when live music was still a thing), Waylon Payne was on stage at Blue Bar in Midtown when he brought up a very special guest to help him out on his song “Christian,” a song from his debut album The Drifter. And while this performance is from quite a few years back, Miranda has continued to show constant support for her friend over the years.

She recently shared Waylon’s new album Blue Eyes, the Harlot, the Queer, the Pusher, & Me with her fans on Instagram saying:

“He is one of my most favorite songwriters of all time.”

And she isn’t lying.

Waylon’s September release is an absolute must-listen for fans of classic country storytelling and strong songwriting. Waylon has also had the pleasure of co-writing two songs, “To Learn Her” and “Use My Heart” on Miranda’s 2016 album The Weight of These Wings.

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