Luke Bryan & Tim Tebow Trade Shots On Each Other’s Trophies Ahead Of Big Florida/Georgia Game

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This week, we have a huge SEC matchup as the 8th ranked Florida Gators will be taking on the 5th ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

It’s one of the premier matchups this week on the CFB slate, as two top-10 programs set to square off, but it’s also a little more interesting for off the field reasons.

Die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan, Luke Bryan has something that Florida fans will care about… he’s got Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy.

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Boyer, bid on Tebow’s Heisman at an auction for charity. For six months the Bryans get to keep the 2007 Heisman Trophy in their home and it just so happens to overlap with Georgia and Florida this year.

Bryan has a Bulldogs sweatshirt over the Heisman, that Tim Tebow won at Florida, in an effort to put a curse on the Gators.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow has Luke’s 2015 Entertainer of the Year… and some of his his own ideas as well.

Tebow put a Gators shirt and helmet over the award and the rivalry is officially on.

Both Tebow and Bryan have been going back and forth on their Instagram all week leading up to the game doing different skits with the Heisman and Entertainer of the Year Trophy.

For the game, tune in at 3:30 pm EST on CBS where we can see once and for all who can have the last laugh between Luke Bryan and Tim Tebow.

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