Helicopter Transporting Donor Heart Crashes, Doctor Then Trips And Falls While Carrying Heart

If this ain’t a 2020 story…

Luckily, let’s start with the good news – this donor heart was eventually able to be successfully delivered to the right hands at the hospital where it was being transplanted into the patient as planned.

Back to the craziness.

It began when a helicopter transporting a donor heart crashed on the helipad at Keck Hospital of USC in Los Angeles. The pilot suffered minor injuries as firefighters scrambled to get everyone safe and the organ to the doctors.

But then things almost got REAL bad.

The doctor gets the heart in a panic, and trips with it – you can feel everyone’s anxiety skyrocket to another level.

Here it is.

The update, and more footage.

Like I said, luckily the heart got to the person who needed it and it didn’t roll off the roof.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock