Dad With Mullet & Air Monarchs Goes INSANE When Asked How To Microwave a Turkey

Thanksgiving might be the best holiday of them all.

Football, food, booze, all day. Rinse. Repeat. Coma.

Now, this year might be a little different. The CDC recommended you think about doing Thanksgiving over Zoom this year, which probably won’t fly with a dad like this. If you can think back to a year ago, you’ll probably remember much simpler times when people would text their parents “how long do you microwave a turkey in the microwave?” then film the reactions.

This one was special – the mullet with the Air Monarachs and the dad’s head nearly exploding all come together with a synergy that’s off the charts.

I love the attempt to calm himself down by telling his daughter “You thar it out,” you don’t cook it.

This guy’s accent it incredible, only adding to the beauty of this.

I was worried about his blood pressure though.

“I’m callin’ Frankie, we’re deep fryin’ the fuckin’ turkey and that’s how it’s gonna be. PERIOD.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock