Randall King Channels His Inner Keith Whitley With New Song “Hey Moon”

We keep telling you Randall King is the real deal and he keeps proving us right.

Back with another release from his upcoming EP, Leanna, “Hey Moon,” continues to showcase King’s signature sound, reminiscent of the classic country stylings of artists like George Strait and Keith Whitley. The new tune was also a favorite of King’s late sister, Leanna, who passed away this past April.

“As soon as I wrote it, I sent it to my sister, Leanna, and it became her favorite.”

The new track follows up ‘Takin’ It As It Comes,” a song about overcoming obstacles and struggle.

“Overcoming the struggles of my early life between depression and OCD in high school, the early hard struggles of starting my career and the obstacles I faced financially, mentally, and emotionally, to losing my sister this April. My sister was there for me through all of those hard times, she was my rock when I didn’t even know it.

I could always count on her anytime for a phone call or advice to get me through. She had her struggles herself with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, but she always got on her feet and took it in stride. That’s what this song represents, taking life any way it’s thrown at you.”

Named in honor of his sister, Leanna will be available everywhere on December 11.

Randall recently joined the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk writing with Garth Brooks, coming up in the Texas country music scene, staying true to his sound after singing a major-label record deal, his upcoming EP named for his sister Leanna and more.

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