Mississippi Votes To Replace Confederate-Themed State Flag With New Magnolia Flag

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Rory Doyle/Getty IMages

It’s no secret that the Confederate Flag has been a source of controversy in recent years.

The country band Confederate Railroad has had shows canceled over their name, NASCAR has banned it at races, and even proud Southerners like Tyler Childers have denounced it.

However, the Confederate battle flag was also part of the design featured on the Mississippi State flag…. until voters approved a changed during tonight’s election. According to Fox News, a majority of voters elected to keep the flag in a 2001 election, but many cities and counties and all of Mississippi’s public universities had stopped flying it because of the Confederate symbol. The flag was officially retired a few months back in the wake of the protests.

The new state flag will feature a magnolia flower, along with the phrase “In God We Trust,” and 20 stars to symbolize Mississippi as the 20th state to enter the Union.


Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin raised the flag on campus earlier today.

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