Travis Tritt Is Tweeting Up A Storm About President Trump Ahead Of Election

Travis Tritt holding a yellow surfboard
Ed Rode

Many of us grew up listening to Travis Tritt’s music.

Many of us still listen to Travis Tritt’s music. Fortunately, he does have new music out which is a good thing for any fan of country music. But as of late, most of the talk around Tritt has been about politics, as the country artist has consistently been one of the most vocal when it comes to his beliefs.

Some love it. Some hate it. That’s what makes it fun, right…

Let’s remember, regardless of which side you land on, it’s totally cool to love an artist’s music, and not agree with their politics – we wrote about that in detail here.

Back to Tritt – obviously he’s been very vocal this year, and had quite a few viral moments on the web.

Whether it was him calling out sports journalist Jemele Hill, or going on a blocking spree, or tweeting about “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Travis has not been shy about using his ol’ Tweeter.

The last couple days, he’s turned it up even more.

Update: his tweet election morning

Tritt’s been busy.

Everyone stay safe out there. I’m going to pour quite a few drinks tonight.

Cheers y’all.

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