Insane Tag-Team Brawl Breaks Out In Popeyes Drive-Thru, Woman Filming Provides A+ Commentary

Holy MOLY.

I’ve seen folks throw down inside a fast food establishment at three in the morning before, but it usually involves a couple of drunk punks looking to hash out their sexual frustration at the Taco Bell. This one… full blown insanity.

According to CBS 8, this Temecula, California, incident was captured at a Popeye’s drive-thru by Gigi Drummond back in 2019, but it’s making the rounds on the interwebs again.

“The man in a white car became frustrated with an incorrect order. He had reportedly been waiting for more than an hour and refused to come inside to have the order fixed choosing to stay in line instead. A person in the black car behind the man honked their horn “really loudly,” said Drummond. This prompted the man in the white car to exit his vehicle and began shouting.”

Shouting? The dude was irate. Screaming “I’m going to kill you,” hollering racial slurs at people, pushing a woman… to say that this dude “began shouting” is the understatement of the year. And let’s not forget, this is because somebody “honked” at him.

Yet for some reason, the woman doesn’t want her much larger man defending her from this lunatic… something about “going back to jail” was mentioned, so there’s definitely more to the story. But eventually, there’s only so much abuse he can handle before the gloves come off and all hell breaks loose right there in front of window number two.

And shockingly, nobody was arrested… even the guy hitting a woman for honking at him.

Shoutout to Gigi for A+ color commentary…. you the real MVP.

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