Hear Brent Cobb’s Version Of “Tailgate Blues,” Which Was Cut By Luke Bryan Back In 2011

Don Van Cleave

If you’re still sleeping on Brent Cobb, it’s time to wake the hell up.

Singer, songwriter, cousin of Dave Cobb, he’s as talented as they come in this business. His new album, Keep ‘Em On They Toes, is sure to find its way onto dozens of year-end “Best Album of 2020” lists, but his two previous albums, Providence Canyon, and Shine On Rainy Day, are must-listens as well.

Last week, Brent Cobb came on the podcast, and we got to talking about everything from psychedelic mushrooms, to getting pulled over for dipping in Los Angeles (yes, that happened), but we also talked about writing songs. And Brent has written a lot of them, many of which were recorded by some pretty big names.

He’s penned songs for Miranda Lambert, Whiskey Myers, Kenny Chesney, Lee Ann Womack, Josh Abbott Band, and yes, even Luke Bryan.

Back in 2011, Luke released an album called Tailgates and Tanlines which featured the Brent Cobb-written (along with Neil Medley) “Tailgate Blues.” And to this day, it still is probably my favorite Luke Bryan song of all time.

Although, there’s something about Brent’s vocals on it that pack even more of a punch.

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