Little Dude Rocks Signature Cross Earring For Epic Morgan Wallen Halloween Costume

Morgan Wallen et al. standing in front of a microphone

Happy Halloween.

Aside from Joe Exotic this year, Morgan Wallen appears to be the go-to Halloween costume among country fans.

All you really need is to rip the sleeves off a flannel shirt and grow out a mullet, but some of these kids have gone above and beyond. We already showed you young Decker and his killer Morgan Wallen Halloween costume, an early contender for “Best Dressed” this year.

Did he nail it, or did he nail it?

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Kid nailed it.

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But now, we’re back with another one and 3-year-old Rowan (with the help of his mom Hope) pulled out all the stops.

Big belt buckle, cut-off pearl snap shirt, that flow coming out the back, and finishing move…. the signature Morgan Wallen cross earring. You want to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, you gotta rock that earring.

Little dude nailed it.

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And speaking of Joe Exotic, make sure to check out the Aldean family’s “I Saw A Tiger” video.

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