Zach Bryan & The Boys Debut Another Instant Fan Favorite – “Traveling Man”

Just guys being dudes…

Zach Bryan recently posted another new song in the same way that we’ve now grown accustom… a late-night upload with no warning. This time joined by “The Boys,” he tells a classic story about a man who can’t stop moving and leaves a lot of good behind in search of something more. Zach once again delivers captivating songwriting and, like in “Oklahoma City,” continues to add a another layer of complexity to his composition. As time goes on, we’ve just seen him get better and better.

Titled “Traveling Man,” this new one is an anthem for the free spirit:

“And there’s some headlights burning down the highway
And I think that I may just catch me a ride
‘Cause I’m a traveling man by trade, sir
We’re all runnin’ from the things inside.”

Circled up in a room full of Oklahoma flags, fake flowers, microwaves, and knick-knacks are a handful of his buddies… some faces familiar, some faces new. With acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, harmonica, fiddle and cajon, we’re pretty much looking at a full band performance… maybe a teaser of what we can expect on the upcoming EP?

Man, the things I’d do to drink beer and jam with these guys…

Zach will also be performing a virtual concert from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle next weekend. Great views and great music, you’re probably going to want to check that out.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock