Freight Train Of Momentum: Luke Combs Breaks Streaming Records (Again) With New Deluxe Album

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Zack Massey

I’m 0% shocked to see this.

Luke Combs has once again broken streaming records in the country music world with his latest deluxe album release, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get.

To say Luke is on a roll would be the understatement of the century. Everything he does, works. He continues to have momentum we haven’t seen in many years. At the end of the day, Combs is a true artist, the type of person you root for, and a regular guy who happens to have rabid fans. On top of that, he’s maneuvered his way through COVID continuously providing content and music for those fans, leaving them with a “what’s coming next?” feeling. Everyone take notes.

This guy does not take anything for granted.

Luke’s team just sent out a press release detailing his own records he broke…

On Apple Music, the album reached #1 on their overall U.S. Top Albums chart — making Combs the only country artist in history to top the chart, doing so twice in the past 12 months. He also had the most first day streams ever for a country album on the platform. This accomplishment breaks Combs’ own record, which he set last November following the release of his platinum-certified, global #1 album, What You See Is What You Get. Moreover, new album track, “Forever After All,” also debuted at #1 on Apple Music’s Daily Top 100: Global Songs chart and broke the record for the biggest first day of streams for a country song. Combs is also Apple Music’s most streamed country artist this year.

On Spotify, Combs achieved the biggest all-time first day streaming record for a country album — also breaking the record that he’s held since the release of What You See Is What You Get. Meanwhile, “Forever After All” had the most first day streams for a country track by a solo artist and reached #2 on Spotify’s Top 10 Global Song Debuts chart. Three additional deluxe tracks also landed on the chart: “The Other Guy” (#6), “Cold As You” (#7) and “My Kinda Folk” (#9).

Again, this should surprise nobody.

But, it did really piss of legions of Ariana Grande fans.

Keep chuggin’.

“Cold As You”

“Forever After All”

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