Football Players vs Frat Guys: Miami University Players Suspended After Frat House Attack Sends Five To The Hospital

Meanwhile in Oxford, Ohio…

Miami University, not to be confused with the University of Miami (which is actually near Miami, Florida), just suspended three football players for beating the living hell out of a bunch of frat guys a few weeks back (that’s not a direct quote).

According to WLWT, the fight happened October 3rd at the Theta Chi fraternity house when a group of football players “ambushed” the frat bros, sending five to the hospital. One has a broken orbital bone after taking a golf club to the face.

“We were definitely outnumbered. I’d say the ratio was like three to one,” said one of the fraternity members.

“They just started, like, throwing punches… chasing people down. Three people on one, beating them up and kicking them on the ground. It definitely felt like an attack because they had control of all of the area around the building,” added another witness. “A mass of guys, and some had masks on, hoods up, gloves on, and it was just like a chaotic scene.”

According to the frat guys, two of the players showed up at a party the night before and were asked to leaved after getting a little wild, when they refused, the frat kicked them out. They came back the next night looked for payback.

The three football players all faced misdemeanor charges, and all were suspended immediately, however charges have since been dropped on one of them:

“All three of the football players are suspended from all team activities immediately and remain suspended from the program indefinitely. With the OPD criminal investigation concluded, Miami has begun its investigation into the incident. Miami University holds its students to high standards of conduct and will not tolerate violence. Students who engage in misconduct face student disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal.”

Ah, Miami University football carrying on the legacy of the greats that have gone before them. We all know RedHawk alum Ben Roethlisberger has had his fair share of legal troubles. He still managed to have a pretty successful NFL career despite it.

Something tells me these boys won’t be so lucky…

In other news, the RedHawks kick off their season against Ball State one week from today. Gotta love that mid-week MACtion.

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