Grown Men Act Like Happy Puppies When Their Wives Ask Them To Do Things They Love

The interwebs could use more content like this.

A compilation video from TikTok was created which shows a bunch of wives recording their husbands’ reactions after being asked to do things they love.

Maybe it’s golf. Maybe it’s video games. Maybe it’s binging The Office again.

As many of the comments pointed out, the excitement that overcomes these fellas is reminiscent of an excited child or dog.

Trust me, I get it.

Any of the guys out there get it. Hell, guys even get excited when their wives drop a surprise “I feel like day drinking” on them. Let’s say a guy had a couple too many Friday night, and his wife didn’t love that. He’s not feeling 100% the next morning, but his wife is in a great mood and in need of some drinks while the sun shines. Meanwhile, the husband is conceiving a plan in his head about how to shake the cobwebs without looking like a degenerate at 10:30am.

Then, out of nowhere, she drops the suggestion of day drinking on you and a blissful euphoria surges through your soul.

Men are too simple.

There’s a ton of great reactions in this video, but the guy asking his wife “are you coming back?” when she said she would take the kids with her so he can hangout and watch the Tour de France takes the cake.

Some of the YouTube comments:

“You wanna go golf?” It’s like she’s telling a dog “wanna go for a walk?!”

“They were not just happy because wife allowed them to do that, they are also happy because wife will join them for doing things they genuinely love.”

“omgggg ‘are you coming baack?’ he was so surprised he thought she was leaving him lol I can’t 😭💀”

“So being nice is challenge in 2020? That’s what’s wrong with the world today.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock