Chicago Bears DE Akiem Hicks Once Drank 40 Beers In One Night When He Was In College

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Welp, the Bears got their asses handed to them tonight against the Rams.

Offensive line was swiss cheese, play calling from Matt Nagy is continually infuriating, and Big Dick Nick didn’t look any better than Mitch Trubisky. But then again, we all knew they were the softest 5-1 team in the league coming into tonight.

It was a shit game any way you slice it, but on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Akiem Hicks putting away 40 beers when he was 19 years old.

The 6-foot 5, 325 pound beast of a defensive end went to college at Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, and used to frequent a bar called The Owl on fifty cent wing night.


In an interview last year with the Ottawa SunHicks reflected back on his college days. When asked what he did for fun in Saskatchewan, the answer was simple: drink beer. A LOT of it.

“Fifty cent wing night with the boys. We had an all day Owl. The Owl was the campus bar. We would go there at noon. And we would drink until there was one guy left. The guy who lasted the longest won… One day I drank 40 beers. I’ve never drank that many beers in my life, but those Canadians got me going, man.”

That’s my defensive end.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock