Dad Knocks Out Punk Who Pees On His Fence & Then Tries To Fight Him In Front Of His Kids

There’s something about the swift fist of justice just makes me smile. Here’s a classic from back in 2018.

According to Daily Mail, this lad was drunkenly riding his bike through the neighborhood when he stopped to take a leak on some guy’s fence. When the young dad with “Coach” on the back of his shirt confronted he guy for pissing on his fence, he instantly ripped his shirt off and started looking for a fight.

And he found one.

Imagine pissing on someone’s fence with their kids at home, and then starting a fight with the guy who own the fence, AND THEN, taking your shirt off like a complete tool. Drunk, shirtless, and wearing biking gloves… could you be a bigger goober?

Dad was patient. VERY patient…

He repeatedly asked the man to leave, his kids were crying in the background, the wife was asking him to leave, but for some reason, the dude just wouldn’t leave without getting his face beat in.

And that’s exactly what happened. One hard right elbow to the chops and he folded like a cheap lawn chair.

Local police said the man that was knocked out declined to press charges…. gee, ya think? Even this toolbag isn’t going to walk into a courtroom with that on tape and try and act like the victim here.

Honestly, he should’ve received a medal for not beating the tar out of this guy right from the get go.

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