Someone Tell Nelly Florida Georgia Line Sucks And They Don’t Make His New Song Better

(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Look, people – I know this isn’t a country song in any way, but it’s Friday and time for a little rant.

When it comes to rap music, many of us grew up listening to Nelly and songs like “Country Grammar.” He eventually became buddies with Florida Georgia Line, they did a “Cruise” Remix, and now they’re back together for his new song “Lil Bit.”

As a rap/pop/edm song, it’s a catchy party song, but unfortunately it’s ruined before the song even starts thanks to Tyler Hubbard’s continuous cringeworthy “wHaT it DO BaBy” bullshit. As usual, Brian does nothing on this song, but we have to listen to Tyler throughout.

Tyler’s little talking shtick nobody likes makes me irrationally angry. I wish it didn’t, but it does. When I hear it I want to jump off the nearest bridge to cleanse myself.

Someone please tell Nelly that FGL aren’t a thing anymore and that their time has passed.

Hell, the amount of Music Row people (who we’ve never met) from major labels and agencies that reached out THANKING US after we went scorched earth on these guys for Brittney Kelley trying (and failing miserably) to get her “fans” to attack our families has been ASTOUNDING. Thanks, y’all. We see you.

But, I’m not here to talk about that.

Here’s the song.

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A beer bottle on a dock