Garth Brooks Finally Set To Release New Album ‘FUN’ – Will Feature Duet Of “Shallow” With Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks wearing a hat

Welp, after more than two years, the wait is finally over.

Garth Brooks is officially ready to release his 12th studio album, FUN.

If you remember back to spring of 2018 (seems like forever ago), Garth originally put this album up for pre-order. That means many fans (some of them very pissed off) already paid for this record more than two years ago and have yet to receive it in its entirety. To say that it’s about time would be an understatement.

FUN will hit shelves, along with Garth’s new Triple Live Deluxe album, on November 20th of this year. Although, as you know, Garth doesn’t let people stream his albums so you’ll have to purchase a hard copy or download the album on Amazon Music.

“The title of the album was sparked because making it has been such a fun process to go through. Being able to go in and out of the studio while being on the tour, working with the same guys, it’s been amazing.”

Yep, making music is fun so they called the album (all caps), FUN… that’s the creative genius of G in action right there.

In addition to songs like “Dive Bar” and “All Day Long,” FUN will also feature Garth and Trisha’s duet of “Shallow,” the popular Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper duet from the movie A Star Is Born.

The Triple Live Deluxe album (30 songs) covers the three and a half years on the Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood, but also now includes tracks from the record shattering Stadium Tour.

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