Drunk Florida Man Smashes Into Other Boats, Takes Out Dock Trying To Park In Marina


Viral video hit the internet over the weekend as a drunk Florida man tried to park his big-ass boat at a Sarasota marina. He found out pretty quickly (the hard way) that parking a boat isn’t quite as easy as it looks… especially when you’re drunk.

According to Newsweek, 32-year-old Brendan Sheridan was arrested and charged with boating while intoxicated after he took out pretty much the entire marina.

You can hear someone yell “what the fuck, turn it off” as he is about to back right in to a couple of sailboats, but then he swing the entire thing around and ends up t-boning another boat before taking out the dock.

Kayla McLaughlin filmed the incident:

“It was just coming for all the boats and everyone on the boat next to him screaming ‘Shut it off, shut it off,'” she said. “And a couple of minutes later he goes right into the boats.”

At the very end you can hear a lady yelling, “he’s wasted.”

What a moron… and yet, I get some kind of sick satisfaction out of watching rich idiots acting like rich idiots. It’s almost as if the universe is saying “sure, he has a boat, and you don’t… but at least you’re not a complete fucking idiot like this guy.”

You feel for the other people whose boats were damaged, but hey, that’s what insurance is for, right? Hopefully Brendan here has a good one.

Here’s another angle.

Almost as good as this guy…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock