Nashville News Crew Helps Get Man Who Attacked Them Into Alcohol Treatment Center

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The best possible ending to a bizarre story.

A few days ago, we brought you the story of a strange attack on a Nashville news crew outside of an elementary school. The man walked up to the news crew, seemingly unprovoked, and began attacked WSMV cameraman Jeffery Bishop as his stunned partner, Caresse Jackman, looked on and filmed.

Well now we know more about the attack, and what happened afterwards.

According to posts from Jackman and Bishop, the man later reached out through police and asked to apologize to the duo. Jackman and Bishop went with a detective to meet the man, who admitted that he has a problem with alcohol and asked the news crew for help. With the assistance of the detective, they were able to get the man into a facility for treatment.

Bishop also decided not to press charges, because it “would have further complicated his life and most likely would not have resulted in him getting any immediate help.”

“I know you all have been concerned about what happened to me and my coworker this week. Just wanted to share with you the update. This was written by my partner who I was with. Thank you all so much for all of your well wishes! My fellow journalists, still please remain vigilant! Things can be so unpredictable while we are out in the field! And look out for one another!”

That kind of forgiveness and willingness to help somebody in need is something we could definitely use more of in 2020.

Great job to Jeffrey Bishop and Caresse Jackman, and I hope the man they helped finally gets the help that he needs.

Here’s the video of the original attack:

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