Crazy Karen Steals Ladder From Painters On A Roof Because It’s “Disgusting” To Be Working Early On A Sunday Morning

Can’t even put in an honest day’s work anymore without Karen causing a problem.

Not really sure where this is, other than across the pond, but for a little context, we have some men working on a roof on a Sunday morning and the most entitled Karen on planet Earth is “disgusted” that someone would have the audacity to start work at 8:00 in the morning.

Oh, the humanity…

But then, she takes their ladder, leaving them stranded on the roof.


“You’re absolutely disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself. Working at this time in the morning… on a Sunday!”

Granted, nobody likes loud construction work early in the morning, but from the looks of it, these lads are just painting a house. Now, I’m not a carpenter, but I’m pretty sure painting falls pretty low on the noise scale of construction practices.

Either way, these might be the most patient painters in the entire world. Can you imagine how this conversation would go in New York City? Let’s just say the construction workers wouldn’t have been so accommodating…

And the final cherry on top, the guy offers to paint the crazy lady’s ceiling if she shuts ups and gives them the ladder back.


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