Luke Combs’ Performance Of “Better Together” Proves We Need More Piano Ballads From Him

Kevin Winter/BBMA2020/Getty Images


If you tuned into the Billboard Music Awards last night (no worries if you didn’t, I only did for Luke’s performance), you saw Luke Combs take home the award for Top Country Artist and then deliver a knockout performance of his new single “Better Together.”

Without a ballcap and suited up, the look was a little different than we’re used to seeing from Luke, as was the arrangement of the song. Accompanied by just a piano, it’s not the full band performance we typically get from Luke, but damn if Luke didn’t crush it.

The stripped down arrangement really allows Luke’s powerful voice, and this A+ songwriting, to command your full attention. Luke can rock out with the best of them, sing a beer drinkin’, boot stompin’ country songs like nobody’s business, and even slow it down for a tenderhearted love song, but this piano ballad is something special. All I can say is we need more piano ballads from Luke.

And can we all just agree right now that is the official wedding song of 2021? How many people are getting married next year to this song? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? Fifty thousand?

I’m not sure how it’s possible for Luke to have an even better year in 2021, but make no mistake, he’s on a one-way rocketship to the moon right now… and it’s only the beginning.

And just as humbles as always, check out the acceptance speech for Top Country Artist.

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