Whiskey Myers Guitar Player John Jeffers Suffers Skull Fracture In ATV Accident

A person playing a guitar
Khris Poage

You just absolutely hate to hear news like this.

Whiskey Myers guitar player John Jeffers was involved in a nasty ATV accident that resulted in a skull fracture and total loss of hearing in one ear.

His wife Hope shared the following update on Facebook:

“Just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers + update everyone on John Jeffers — we were released yesterday morning from Medical City Plano + we are at back home recovering!

He had an ATV accident Sunday. He has a skull fracture + total hearing loss in one ear, but we were reassured by the neurosurgeon + ENT at Medical City that both will heal + he will hear again. He is pretty banged up, with lots of stitches to his head + knee. They believe a bolt went through his skull + barely missed his carotid artery. He is at high risk of infection due the location of his fracture so specific prayers that he stays infection free.

We are so very thankful that he is alive + still here with us! Special thanks to my mama and daddy for waiting outside the ER for hours + following the ambulance to Dallas in the middle of the night.

Continued prayers that he heals up with no infection + his hearing comes back over the next few weeks before Baby Jag Wilder makes his appearance.”

The fellas in Whiskey Myers, and John in particular, are some of the best guys we had the pleasure of meeting in this business. Our hearts and well wishes go out to John and his family right now and we’re praying for a speedy recovery.

John and his wife Hope are also expecting a baby boy this December.

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