Texas Brewery Unveils New Buffalo Wing-Infused 5.2% ABV Sour Beer

A box of shrimp

I want it.

I’m a simple creature… I see a beer that looks good, I want said beer. That’s pretty much all there is to it. And while I have my favorites that I go to on the regular, I’m always down to try something new, and even something a little wacky.

Enter Martin House Brewing Company’s new Buffalo Wangz sour beer.

The Fort Worth-based folks at Martin House are the same people that brought us the 8% Dunkaroos-flavored Dunkabroos Aleand they’re also the same folks that collaborated with Best Maid Pickles on a Sour Pickle Beer, a brew that combines Martin House’s Salty Lady Gose with Best Made pickle juice. And now, they’re dropping some buffalo wings in the brew tank (pretty sure that’s not what you call it, but I don’t make beer, I’m an idiot blogger).

“Literally a buffalo wing sauce sour beer.”

“No jokes about it. We made a buffalo wing sauce beer. Buffalo Wangz is a 5.2%abv sour beer brewed with buffalo wing sauce. Can’t emphasize how much this is actually a BUFFALO WING SAUCE BEER. So if you get down with Frank’s and a little spice, then this is the one for you! BW is a taproom only beer that releases today in the taproom. 4pack tallboys are $18. Drink it. Cook with it. Pour it on your wings. This is insane. Cheers!”

Sounds like it’s only available at the taproom so if you’re in the Fort Worth area, swing buy and pick some up… and then send it to me.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock