BREAKING: Sturgill Simpson To Drop New Album ‘Cuttin’ Grass Volume 1′ THIS FRIDAY

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Near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sturgill ran a fundraising campaign on his website through his “Dick Daddy Survival School” merch and ended up raising a ton of money. Now, Whiskey Riff might have been the only media outlet that promoted the DDSS merch (shameless plug, but it’s true), but either way, Stu promised us some music as a result. We’re looking at not one, but TWO bluegrass albums this year.

And now, details on the highly-anticipated bluegrass project from Sturgill Simpson are officially here.

Affectionately titled Cuttin’ Grass, the new album was recorded at The Butcher Shoppe in Nashville, with the help of his drummer Miles Miller, producer David Ferguson, Tim O’Brien, Stuart Duncan, bassist Mike Bub, and more. The tracklist and cover art for Volume 1 have been revealed with a release date of… THIS FRIDAY.

“Welp… was hoping to surprise everybody on Thursday but somebody somewhere (Germany) got all excited and just couldn’t hold their horses. Anyway… “Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1 – The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” dropping 10/16 (midnight Thursday). And yes… this is actually the album cover.”


Cuttin’ Grass Volume 1 Tracklist:

1. All Around You
2. All the Pretty Colors
3. Breakers Roar
4. I Don’t Mind
5. I Wonder
6. Just Let Go
7. Life Ain’t Fair
8. A Little Light
9. Life of Sin
10. Long White Line
11. Living the Dream
12. Old King Coal
13. Railroad of Sin
14. Sitting Here Without You
15. Sometimes Wine
16. The Storm
17. Time After All
18. Turtles All the Way Down
19. Voices
20. Water in a Well

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A beer bottle on a dock