Drake White & Frankie Ballard Team Up For Soulful Cover Of Sublime’s “Santeria”

Drake and Frankie are EASILY two of the most underrated guys in the entire industry.

They’re both phenomenal live performers, both extremely articulate in their artistry, and both bring a TON of soul to the table… and on the latest edition of Drake’s Wednesday Night Therapy, we got both of them on the same stage.

And while they ran through a ton of different songs, even brought us a little bit of that Gospel flavor, Drake and Frankie also teamed up for a cover of the 1996 Sublime mega-hit, “Santeria.”

Drake prefaced the performance with an explanation on how his older sister influenced a lot of his musical tastes growing up. And one of those influences was Sublime.

“Sublime ended up being one of my favorites, the way they go about doing things… drum-wise and just cadence-wise, it’s still one of my favorite things. So I’m gonna do one from one of my favorite records of all time.”

The whole concert is well worth the watch, but if you want to skip ahead to “Santeria,” hit play at 45:30.

Also, don’t be afraid to drop a dollar in the tip jar.

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