Luke Combs Debuts New Beer Drinking, Boot Stompin’ Anthem – “My Kinda Folk”


Back on Monday night with another teaser from the new deluxe album, Luke is here to premiere a snippet of the only remaining brand new song on the record.

Titled “My Kinda Folk,” it’s the unapologetic anthem of every single die-hard Luke Combs fan out there.

“My kinda folk buy beer on Friday, get right on Saturday night
We’re all good people, spend Sunday under steeple, come Monday we’ll be right on time
There oughta be a law against workin’ this hard and still havin’ this much fun
We get it done, drink a beer, catch a fish, hunt a deer and then we’ll fire up a little smoke
Me and my kinda folk.”

Kinda makes you want to drink a beer (or six) on a Monday night, doesn’t it?

Luke’s upcoming deluxe album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get, is set to drop on October 23rd featuring this new one, “Cold As You,” “Forever After All,” “The Other Guy,” and “Without You.”


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock