Jana Kramer Receives DM That Her Husband Cheated Again: “I Can’t Ignore It Completely Because Of Our History”

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It’s no secret that Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin have had a rocky relationship. But, they’ve been an open book about all of it.

On a recent episode of her Whine Down podcast, Jana revealed that she was recently told that Mike was cheating AGAIN. Mike had a long history of cheating on her and eventually checked into rehab for sex addiction. About a year later, he relapsed, although Jana found him at a hotel before anything “physical” happened.

He received a topless sext last year, and then a couple weeks ago, Jana received a DM that said: “Mike is cheating again, I’m sorry.”

“I started DMing this person… they’re telling me things that maybe, could make sense or maybe, could be wrong. She said a few things about his hometown and I’m like, ‘OK, they could just look that up on the internet.’

She said something about, ‘He’s got a secret device,’ which has always been a fear of mine, that maybe he has some secret device that he talks to other people on. I can’t ignore it completely because of our history… so I’m just kind of, like, stuck. The really sucky thing about it is that my default can’t go to, ‘there’s no way.’ That’s where it hurts the most, where I can’t just go, ‘I trust him 1000 percent. He would never do that.’ I think that’s where it stung.”

However, the account that DM’d her had zero followers and was eventually deleted. Jane elaborated even further on Instagram, revealing that trust is a day-to-day battle for her.

“The perfect sunset and a little reflection about today’s podcast…. Putting our story into the world isn’t easy especially when people try to mess with our heads and create problems. This weeks podcast we talked about an incident that happened on my social media a few weeks ago that could have caused a massive explosion. It’s sad people feel the need to hurt others.

And here’s the truth. When I read it, sure there was fear and doubt that crept in. Mike is in recovery and anyone that lives with addiction knows how scary that can be because as much as we want to control and manage, it’s not our job. But the reality is reading what I read in a DM for sure initially scared me and I have to be smart. Someone once said ‘how can you be with someone you don’t trust?’ I explained this in our book…. ‘Do you trust Mike?’ This is the number one question I get in my Instagram direct messages every day. The answer is, ‘Yes, today I do.’

Today I see him working his program, I see him showing up as a father and as a husband, and I see his words matching his actions. How he is showing up looks differently than before, which helps me trust him. And, as we have said, it takes time to see that change.”

Jana admitted to going into “freak out” mode, but ultimately, they called it a win and a step on the road to complete trust.

“It’s not a bump; it’s a win. Thank you to whoever did that because it just showed that I can trust my husband.”

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