Bill Burr Tackles “Woke” White Women & Cancel Culture On SNL, You’ll Never Guess Who Wants Him Canceled

A LOT of people apparently found out who Bill Burr was last night.

The big news earlier in the week was that Morgan Wallen was removed from the show after partying in Tuscaloosa the weekend before, but after his monologue, SNL host Bill Burr became the new target of everybody’s outrage.

He tackled topics like COVID, cancel culture, “woke” white women, gay pride month and more, and as always, he didn’t hold anything back.

So much so that he even said “I’ll probably get canceled for that joke” 2 minutes into the monologue.

And you’ll never guess who was PISSED…

“Woke” white women.

However for others, especially those that appreciate stand up comedy and Bill’s comedic genius, it was a classic Bill Burr performance filled with scathing and unapologetic commentary on the issues our society is facing.

Naturally, “woke” Twitter was quick to call Bill “sexist,” “racist,” and “homophobic” after the monologue, however many others pointed out that Bill is married to a black woman.

If you can’t handle the stand up, maybe just watch Bill’s spoof on terrible pumpkin spice beer.

Oh, wait…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock