Okie Redneck With Tatted Up Beer Belly Goes Crazy On Young Bikers During Insane Road Rage Fight

A person holding a camera and standing on a road with people and vehicles

Man, what an absolutely chaotic scene.

Motorcycles, hillbillies, knives, guns, robbery, momentary loss of consciousness, big redneck tatted up beer bellies… there’s a LOT to unpack here, but let’s back up a bit and set the scene.

According to The O’Colly, a group of Oklahoma State University students were riding around in Pawnee County back in 2017 when a truck allegedly ran them off the road. When the bikers tried to confront the pickup truck, which was carrying a man along with his wife and kids, they had no idea what would be waiting for them down the road.

It got CRAZY.


Turns out our truck driver had some friends on speed dial, armed with a shotgun and a knife, and they don’t play nice.

So when the truck started putting a beat down on the 19-year-old biker, all his friends could do was helplessly watch from the sideline with a shotgun pointed at their faces.

Of course the whole thing goes sideways when the knife-wielding old guy lifts up his shirt to reveal a biker tattoo and screams:

“I’m the real deal bitch, I’ll fucking cut your throat.”

And then he tried to grab the shotgun away from the other guy yelling:

“I’ll blow your fucking faces off.”

And at that point, I think everybody knew this was a big mistake.

Your buddy getting his face pummeled on the side of the road, a shotgun in your face, an old hillbilly with Hells Angels belly tats is threatening to cut your throat…. it’s one of the moments where you stop, look around and wonder how the hell you got yourself into this mess.

All in all, the group appears to shake hands and go their separate ways once the initial fireworks die down, but it was already too late, one of the most insane road rage incidents in history was just captured on video… which is exactly why the Team Hillbilly took the camera from Team Biker… and then strangely said he’d pray for everybody.

“Sorry I beat your friends face in, threatened to kill you and stole your camera… let us pray.”

Once footage surfaced, 60-year-old Paul Wiseley was arrested and charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy in connection with the incident. And even though it looks like the kid was nearly beat to death, he said he was more or less uninjured in the fight.

But I think we all learned a valuable lesson here… don’t start a fight with a buncha hillbillies that may or may not be involved in the Hells Angels. And also, maybe don’t threaten to kill a buncha young punks over a stupid road rage incident that could’ve easily been avoided.

Remember these Idaho boys? That’s how it’s done.

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