Lunatic Karen With No Pupils, Scrambled Eggs For Brains, Throws Puppy At Guy, He Ends Up Keeping It

A woman taking a selfie with a dog


This one has my blood boiling.

Here’s the setup:

The lady holding the adorable puppy is slurring her words, making absolutely no sense, and out-of-her-mind messed up on something that’s most definitely not White Claw.

She’s clearly off her rocker, gets racist, and won’t let the guy get to his car.

That’s when this POS does the unthinkable and THROWS HER PUPPY AT THE GUY.

I’ll get the great news out of the way – the pup was OK and has a new home…the guy who she threw it at.

Watch this insanity.

New home.


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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock