“That Shows Up On YouTube I Will Find You, That’s A Threat” – Karen Has Massive Meltdown After Minor Car Accident

Karen is gonna be MAD…

I minor car accident turned into an absolute meltdown once this dude started filming the accident. It’s pretty normal to film the scene after a car accident, especially for insurance purposes, but Karen, who claimed she doesn’t believe in the internet (whatever that means), was not HAVING it. And honestly, the second she threw a fit about being on the internet is the second the video became internet-worthy. Kinda funny how works sometimes…

Honestly, she’s one of the more tame Karens we’ve seen this year but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hilarious. Some of her one liners alone got me howling:

“I take Cymbalta, I’m ready to explode, and I did not take my pill today.”

“Right now I can make a fist with no problem, I’ve broken many people’s arms.”

But the one that really got me was…

“Honest to God, if this show’s up on YouTube, I will find you. That’s a threat.”

Welp Karen… it’s on YouTube. And Reddit, and Whiskey Riff… it’s everywhere.

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