SNL’s Lorne Michaels On Morgan Wallen: “He Probably Isn’t The First Country Singer Who Partied After A Big Game”

Sounds like another vote of confidence.

In addition support from Miranda Lambert, it sounds like Morgan Wallen also has SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels in his corner. After the news broke that Morgan would no longer be performing at SNL this weekend, Lorne spoke with Willie Geist on Today regarding the incident.

And although some folks are pretty pissed at Morgan, and I’m sure he’s disappointed in himself, Lorne chalked it up to the times we’re living in.

“He probably isn’t the first country singer, the first person from rock and roll who partied after a big, in that case, a football game, or a concert… we’re just living in a different time, and everything is scrutinized.”

He also added that Morgan Wallen will be invited back soon.

Of course, Morgan was removed from the lineup after multiple videos surfaced of him partying in Tuscaloosa. Which normally would be expected from a rising country star, but since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, swapping spit with a ton of strangers probably isn’t the wisest thing to do right now.

Especially the week before you’re supposed to be in New York to tape SNL.

Morgan manned up and issued the following apology on Wednesday.

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