Josh Abbott Band Releases “Settle Me Down,” The Latest Track From Their Upcoming Album ‘The Highway Kind’

Josh Abbott Band is back with another cut from their highly-anticipated upcoming album The Highway Kind.

“‘The Highway Kind’ is the album I wish we had put out seven years ago. The lyrics, the melodies, the subtle touches; this album is the very best effort from our group. These songs were brought to life and curated to reflect where my life is now: happy, fulfilled, blessed. From love songs to songs about friendship, from ballads to bangers, this album has it all.  They’re true-life songs. I hope people listen to this record and go, ‘Man, Josh is in a really good place around now.’”

Titled “Settle Me Down,” the new release is an ode to the person that always has your back, that special somebody that keeps you grounded.

“You settle me down when I go too far, when I burn too fast, when I lose my way
Hold onto me, whisper to my soul, put my heart at ease when I’m ’bout to break
Always got the wind at my back, but you still love me when I look like that
Open my eyes, keep me around, pull me back in, settle me down
Settle me down.”

Josh Abbott Band’s upcoming album The Highway Kind is due out on November 13th.

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