Groomsman Pukes His Brains Out Right After Wedding Ceremony As Big & Rich Plays In The Background

A few too many mimosas for the big guy, huh?

I got married two years ago and can tell you without a doubt, the biggest nerves I had came from the fear of something like this happening. Did we drink too much Scotch before the ceremony? Will I pass out up there? Will I vomit onto myself in front of friends and family?

Will a hungover groomsman faint and face plant?

These are the real fears about wedding day – alcohol related embarrassment and/or potential injury. You never want to be the guy who needs the ambulance called because you went to sleep standing up after shotgunning 6 beers in between 8 tequila shots at 11:30am.

It’s a rough start to “forever.”

That brings us to this dude.

Props to him for holding it in long enough to see the important people walk away from altar, but man that came out like a firehose.

What really makes this video is the stream of vomit flowing like the Mississippi River as Big & Rich hit the chorus of their overplayed wedding song, “Lost In This Moment.”

A+ cinematography.

What the hell, here’s the song too.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock